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Desirabelles: QlikView Powered Shopping Site Now Optimised for Android and iPhone

We developed Desirabelles.com - the first QlikView powered shopping site - over two years ago. But with all the recent news and excitement over the growth of the mobile browser market, particularly regarding the iPhone and more recently Android, I thought it was time to update this a little to make the most of the different form factor and interaction style of this type of device.

So now if you have access to an Android or iPhone/iPod Touch and browse to www.desirabelles.com, you should be automatically taken to a new version of this QlikView powered site, optimised for these newer browsers and screen sizes.

You can also see a selection of screen shots to the side and below.

I have been doing the development and testing on an a (real) iPod Touch and on an Android emulator. Further, the site is actually written as 'Qliklet', in other words using the same framework used to develop and run the other more general QlikView Powered widgets discussed in a series of earlier posts on this blog.

There's been a lot of buzz in the past about the QlikView iPhone App which is a really great app for many scenarios. However it seems to me that a lot of cool QlikView powered apps could also be built relatively quickly and easily using standard html and JavaScript/Ajax technologies. These also have the added advantages that they can be more precisely customised and tuned to the particular requirements and also of running on both Android devices as well as iPhones (as well as potentially many other mobile platforms!).

If there are any other examples of QlikView powered websites optimised for these types of device please let me know in the comments.


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